Comments: Recent street photography

really nice work. and I agree with you about the use of digital as opposed to the more personal feeling with film. digital may enable you to catch more scenes, but in the end I think that the way one connects in thought and conscious act of pressing that shutter still remains in the realm of the rangefinder and tri-x.

as the one who started the Winogrand Club, i'd wished there'd been more regular interaction but if in the spirit of Garry one would assume that most of the members are out there, hopefully shooting.

cheers and best.

Posted by ben razon at June 20, 2004 6:37 PM

I am just a passerby but street photography is the only thing I know...I always approach every shoot, even for news coverages as I would shooting the streets and now that I use digicams, I felt very cold pictures coming out of my shoots since the captured moments are decided by the camera and not by my trigger finger .I miss the spontaneity that I used to have in my images.Now Ishoot a lot more to compensate for the loss in heartful moments, a loss I grieve for .....

Posted by Luis Liwanag at June 21, 2004 12:45 AM