Incredibly cliché Seattle afternoon

Posted by David on Sunday, April 4, 2004 at 9:54 AM.


Yes, it hit the 70's again yesterday, and after dropping Laura and Allen off at the train station, Becky, Janel, and I decided we needed to enjoy the afternoon in a little, well, more directed fashion.

To that end, we headed over to Anthony's where we had beers and noshed on seafood, while watching the sun go down gloriously over the Olympics. We watched boats heading towards and away from the locks. We watched birds and seals go by. I practiced my Sunset magazine food photography stylings.

Of course, this being Seattle, and (let's face it folks) April, it wasn't quite the perfect evening we were looking for. As the sun went down... and the wind came up... well, it was fricken' cold. 70 to 55 in 20 minutes. Our poor waiter in his festive faux-aloha shirt was looking miserable. We had to crack terrible jokes just to stay warm.

Still, I'm not going to quarrel with getting these kinds of days in early April. Even if they are, well, less than.

Sunset over the Olympics
(This photo by Miz Becky!)