Winter storm

Posted by David on Wednesday, January 7, 2004 at 6:55 PM.

We seem to be finally leaving the winter storm that was our welcome back to Seattle from Hawai'i. Huzzah.

Tuesday, it snowed. Becky and I headed in to work anyway -- we had been off work for something like three weeks, so we felt obligated. Of course, only about 10% of my group came in to work. My manager called me a "daft bastard" for coming in and told me to leave. I read e-mail, handed off a file to a vendor, made myself useful, and finally left around 12:30. It took me nearly four hours to get home, most of which was waiting for busses that weren't operating anywhere near their normal schedule.

Last night, we got frozen rain, and about 4:45am our power went out. When we finally got up, the road in front of our house was a sheet of ice, so I decided not to venture to the typically colder and slicker east side. Miz Becky went in to work around noon and didn't have any trouble. I kept the fire going, hung out with the cats, and read.

As it got dark I set up my Medieval Monk Reading Lite (TM), but fortunately at about 5:10 the fridge spun up, the outside lights came on, and I whooped and blew out the candles.

Have I mentioned how much I hate winter?