Floras Lake

Posted by David on Sunday, July 13, 2003 at 6:03 PM.

Well, we're finally back from our travels. The last bit, a few days with Miz Becky's parents down at Floras Lake, in Oregon, was quite lovely: lots of boating and reading in the sun and generally relaxing. Oh yes, and Miz Becky proved herself the Mighty and Terrible Bass Goddess, Both Vengeful and Merciful.

We flew down on a couple of very small Horizon turbo-props (Dash-8's for you aviation fans), to the very small North Bend airport, and stayed at the lovely Sea Crest Motel in Port Orford (highly recommended if you're travelling on 101 -- clean, inexpensive, and great views from every room).

Now, aside from a quick trip to Portland next weekend, it's going to be nice to be home for a while.